Frank's Flying Adventure Begins

Prior to take off, do the check list!

Landed on Fisher's Island
(Here's a picture of the landing strip)

My Instructor, Louis:
He seems to be thinking "Whew, how did we get here? I didn't say maybe land, I said baby grand"
(We landed on an island).

I wonder if I could just swim home from here? Oh, that's right, I don't know how to swim:-)

My first vacation after learning to fly...
Lessons Went Well:

First trip was in cold weather, low ceiling, poor visibility. Instruments the whole trip, ice on the wings, ice on the windshield. Instructor did 99% of the flying. Still, it's kind of cool the very first entry in my new log book is for instrument training.

Second time up (today 04/16), much better. This time, I did 99.9% of the flying. A little bumpy up there (winds 35 knots, gusts to 50, some turbulence, some updrafts) but what a blast! Flew from Hartford CT to the coast, over Westerly RI, landed on Fishers Island, practiced a bunch of stuff just off the coast and flew back to Hartford.

Did well with most of my manuevers. Instructor said he was "impressed", apparently the flight sim actually helped.
He sent me this in an email later...
"Good job, you missed a flying career, maybe it's not to late.


He usually works with commercial pilots, I convinced him to take me on. Great guy, easy going, really knows his stuff.

Can't wait to go up again (although my wallet sure can:-)
Anxious to get my Private Pilot's license, then get my instrument rating (flying instruments fascinates me), and after that ....

For those who might care, it was a: Piper Cherokee PA28, low wing.
Plane seems to respond well, handles nicely, although I don't have anything to compare it with yet:-)