The Official Post NAMM 2007 Picture Contest

You can read about the contest Here

Our thanks to everyone who entered a picture. You are all winners to us!

Prizes will be awarded in descending order based on number of votes received for each entry.
Winners get good stuff from the NAMM 2007 show (thank you to Steve Cohen for the idea, and most of the prizes).
The entries are listed in alphabetical order based on submitters forums screen name.

How To Vote

  • Review all the entries below (there are 21 entries)
  • Make a note of the "Posted by:" name of your favorite (these are forums members screen names)
  • Go to the NAMM 2007 Contest Voting Poll here ... Poll (unless you got here through the poll, in which case you already have the poll open)
  • Cast your vote for your favorite (you can only vote once, and only for one picture)
  • You must vote first before you can see the poll results
  • Yes, you can vote for your own entry :-)
Posted By: apple*
Caption: "aw heck.."
Posted By: CPTpianotech
Caption: "My wife said I've never looked so handsome:"
Posted by: Frycek
Caption: "1887 Mathushek Square with its pants down "
Posted by: Helen&Ken
Caption: "This is my daughter Stephanie (4 1/2) on our old Yamaha upright. I was experimenting with long exposure (no Photoshop effects were used). Ken"
Helen & Ken
Posted by: jon-nyc
Caption: "My Bosie 200 on a cold day in March, 2005. "
jon nyc
Posted by: kawaigirl1
Caption: "What I "Day Dream" about at work"
Posted by: lilylady
Caption: "ARTISAN AT WORK Taken on the Mason Hamlin Factory tour 05. Chiseling the bridge. Notice that his position is on his knees and his left hand is guiding the chisel. This is 'hands on' precision. Bravo! "
Posted by: lkplatow
Caption: "my son, the day before he turned 11 months old. He couldn't walk or even stand by himself, but he pulled himself up on the piano and started playing away...."
Posted by: loveschopintoomuch
Caption: "With an avatar like mine, this photo shouldn't surprise anyone. Chopin loved violets...hence, the flowers."
Posted by: Mario Bruneau
Caption: "Here is my contribution."
Mario Bruneau
Posted by: markb
Caption: "'nuff said."
Posted by: Monster M&H
Caption: "1890's Chickering & Sons Harp Badge ... taken with my phones camera "
Monster M&H
Posted by: mr_super_hunky
Caption: "Nothing soothes the savage beast like the powerful Mason & Hamlin "BB"....(Llamas too!!)"
Posted by: oldcars
Caption: "Previously posted in the Zoom threads, my discerning audio helper listening to one of the recordings: "
Posted by: Piano*Dad
Caption: "Here's a picture of Piano*Son at the restored 1816 Broadwood. It was a "classical experience." "
Posted by: Serge88
Caption: "OK here's my old piano it look nice because I sanded it and refinished the cabinet but the playing is awful. "
Posted by: Rich Galassini
Caption: "Im not sure if I am eligible, but here is my entry anyway!"
Rich Galassini
Posted by: ShiroKuro
Caption: "Ok, here's my entry. This is me playing "in" a "forest.""
Posted by: terrytunes
Caption: "Here is a pic of a piano I've for about 25 years now. I am heading up for a visit this weekend. We haven't been together since last November. I can't wait to tickle those ivories!"
Posted by: USAPianoTrucker
Caption: "One pair of very used Clavin0va sunglasses worn by a real American piano trucker"
Posted by: Zompas
Caption: "The Piano and the Belly Dancer (me)! "
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