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Popularity of Piano Party Soirées is Proof That Reports of the Piano's Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated, Says Founder of Piano World Web Site

Enfield, CT, March 5, 2007 - In today's instant gratification society and ever-more-tiny electronic sound players, one would hardly expect a bulky musical instrument that requires lots of practice to be holding its own. According to Frank Baxter, however, founder of the 21,000+ member web site Piano World (, the growing popularity of "piano parties," where piano lovers of all ages get together at homes or stores to share their affection for the instrument, indicates the continued appeal and relevance of the piano in the Internet Age.

"The piano forums at the Piano World contain more than three-quarters of a million posts on topics from what to look for when buying a piano, to which piano action is better, to who plays the best interpretation of the Rach 3," says Baxter, a piano tuner and musician who launched the first version of Piano World in 1996. "Our increasingly popular piano parties are organized by members who have gotten to know one another online, then meet at one another's homes or in piano stores, where they take turns playing for one another and then post photos and comments of their event back on the site."

Piano parties take many forms, including:
  • In New York City, a "piano crawl" where members from as far away as Kansas, Montana and Bucharest met and toured four piano stores together
  • On Cape Cod, a progressive dinner at four homes with four pianos for members to play on
  • A day long tour of the Mason & Hamlin piano factory in Haverhill, Massachusetts, including a luncheon, with members coming from as far as Michigan and Oregon
Members have also posted recordings of themselves at the piano, with a member-created Piano World Piano Forums CD available.

"Members range from young children to octogenarians, and from newbie beginners to accomplished concert and recording artists," adds Baxter, who pays for the expenses of running the site from advertising and sales of music-related items. "Some members have been playing steadily for a lifetime, while other folks are getting started with the piano later in life, or going back to it after many years. We have more than 10,000 unique visitors a day - people who enjoy their music the old-fashioned way... by making it themselves."

Membership in the Piano World Piano Forums is free and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at

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