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Piano Forum Hits a Million - Proof the Piano is Still Popular

The World Famous Piano Forums at reached a major milestone today when the forums passed the one million post mark.

Founder and host Frank Baxter said "We would like to thank all of our 32,000+ registered members for their contributions to the phenomenal growth of our piano forums".

The growing popularity of the Piano World Piano Forums seems to run counter to conventional wisdom that says the piano is losing out to other forms of entertainment like iPods, computer games and the Internet. Baxter says "Every week we see posts from members who just bought a new piano and wanted to thank the forums for helping them with their research. We also find that people who use Piano World as part of their research tend to buy a higher grade of piano, because they are better educated about the value of a well made instrument".

The members of the piano forums at Piano World are a wonderful mix of people from around the world, with piano playing skills that range from absolute beginner to concert pianist and recording artists. The mix also includes many piano teachers, tuners, dealers, and even piano manufacturers themselves.

One long time member Perri Knize (#138 out of over 32,000+) recently wrote and published a book called "Grand Obsession, A Piano Odyssey". Everyone is raving about the book, including people who aren't even interested in the piano. Larry Fine, author of The Piano Book is also a member, as are a lot of other "celebrities" of the piano world.

Starting with a few hard core piano lovers, the Piano Forums have grown into a huge community of people with a shared interest in the piano. Many of them have become friends through their contact on the forums, and hosted and/or attended "Piano Gatherings" (piano parties) around the country.

Statistics for the Piano World web site show visitors from over 230 countries; including the Vatican (The Pope has a piano. Could it be?). Statistics also show the site receives over 185,000 page views a day, split fairly evenly between the Piano Forums and the roughly 1000 pages that make up the rest of the piano web site.

The Piano World motto is: It's Fun to Play the Piano... Pass It On! Whether you are passionate about the piano or just have a passing interest, is one web site you shouldn't miss.

Membership in the Piano World Piano Forums is free and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at

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