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Ads on Piano World get Results, plain & simple. Many of our advertisers have been with us for years because ads on Piano World work.

Most people research on the Internet first, and Piano World is where they research.

We are also constantly growing through referrals and social media.

Many libraries recommend Piano World and the major search engines look at us as the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) for all things piano.

Whether your business is local, national, or international, Piano World has you covered.
Our traffic numbers are heads & tails over anyone else in the business. Looking for LOCAL Market traffic? We've got it.

Want national coverage? No problem.

Need to reach an international audience? We can do that too.

Our rates are much less than you would expect for so much qualified traffic.
In most cases our yearly rates are less than one small one-time ad in the newspaper, and much more effective!

Pricing for Piano Dealers, Piano Movers, and Restoration Shops ads start at about $300.00 per year!
(Piano Tuners and Teachers are even less than that.)

And you get the benefit of my years of Internet Marketing, Usability, and SEO experience. I can evaluate your ad and the landing page you are sending prospects to for you.

More about my background in my LinkedIn Profile

We Are The World's Most Popular Piano & Keyboard Web Site!
Our Quality Traffic Far Exceeds the Traffic Generated by any Other Piano Web Site.
(You can see our stats for yourself bit.ly/1MNUhSM )
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Our new Ad Manager puts you in complete control of your ads. You design them with easy to use tools.
You can place ads in different categories, expand your ads, edit them, etc. And you can preview your changes.
3.) Greet New Customers

Your new ad(s) will quickly go live and immediately start placing your company out in front of your potential new customers.

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Piano & Keyboard Manufacturers CLICK HERE to place ads on our world famous Piano Forums and/or Run of Site
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Additional Advertising Opportunities

Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to also consider these additional advertising opportunities with Piano World...
  • In-Tune, the Piano World Newsletter

  • Currently going out to 36,000+ subscribers, and growing daily.
    Details can be found in our online store (along with payment options)...
    Newsletter Advertising Options
  • Advertise on our Forums

  • The Piano Forums are our most popular area. Averaging 2 million+ page views a month.
    This is where people turn for advice. We are very selective about what gets displayed in this area and have limited ad space.
    If you are interested, See This Page in our online store or Contact Us
  • Run of Site (ROS)

  • We have limited space available for ads with the full run of site.
    Typically a 125x125 (button).
    If you are interested in run-of-site or other large section options, please See This Page in our online store or Contact Us
  • Interstitial / Interrupter Ads ...
    Ads run INSIDE THREADS on the Piano Forums. Your ad will show up in every discussion on the Piano Forums (within a given forum for which you contracted). Usually a banner ad, your ad will show up between the first and second posts within a thread.
    For more details, please see our Interstitial/Interrupter ad information in our online store. Interstitial Advertising

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Renewing an Existing Ad

To renew an existing ad
please go to Ad Manager to renew. If you don't remember your login information, use the Retrieve your Password option, or contact me ( Via Email)

This is also your chance to change/edit/add to the copy, advertise under additional categories, add states to your ad, and/or add pictures.

Thank you for choosing to renew your ad(s) with Piano World

About Your Host

Frank Baxter ... Founder & Host of Piano World is dedicated to supporting the piano and piano music.

He is also dedicated to helping your business grow and succeed in an effort to keep piano playing (and owning) alive and growing.

In addition to having over 40 years experience in the music business, Mr. Baxter is a highly sought after consultant for: Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Ecommerce growth.
It is this combination of music business and online marketing experience that comes together to create the perfect place to advertising your piano-related business.
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