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Types of Ads
Classified / Display Ads

The Classified / Display ads at Piano World are where people land when they are searching for piano dealers, tuners, movers, etc. in the major search engines. People typically find us by typing in a request on a search engine like Google. Something like "piano dealers CA" or "pianos for sale", or "piano tuners NY" (without the quotes).

Classified/Display ads are listed on Piano World by category, and within each category by state, and most are further categorized within each state by region (North, Southeast, Central, etc.). We will soon be upgrading the classified/display ads to include searching by zip code, distance, brands (for dealers), etc.

CATEGORIES Available In Our Classified / Display Ad Sections
Dealers - Tuners - Restorations - Buyers - Rentals - Movers - Teachers - Entertainers - Manufacturers - Distributors

View some examples of actual live Classified / Display ads posted on Piano World:
> > We highly recommend placing ads in the Classified / Display area! < < they get results!

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Classified / Display ads work for you all year long. Any successful advertising campaign on Piano World should begin with ads in this area.



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Additional Advertising Opportunities

Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to also consider these additional advertising opportunities with Piano World...
  • In-Tune, the Piano World Newsletter

  • Currently going out to over 32,000+ subscribers, and growing daily.
    Details can be found in our online store (along with payment options)...
    Newsletter Advertising Options
  • Advertise on our Forums

  • The Piano Forums are our most popular area. Averaging 2 million+ page views a month.
    This is where people turn for advice. We are very selective about what gets displayed in this area and have limited ad space.
    If you are interested, See This Page in our online store or Contact Us
  • Run of Site (ROS)

  • We have limited space available for ads with the full run of site (overall average is 4-5 million page views a month).
    Typically a 125x125 (button).
    If you are interested in run-of-site or other large section options, please See This Page in our online store or Contact Us
  • Interstitial / Interrupter Ads ...
    Ads run INSIDE THREADS on the Piano Forums. Your ad will show up in every discussion on the Piano Forums (within a given forum for which you contracted). Usually a banner ad, your ad will show up between the first and second posts within a thread.
    For more details, please see our Interstitial/Interrupter ad information in our online store. Interstitial Advertising

Questions? Contact Us

Renewing an Existing Ad

To renew an existing ad
please go to Ad Manager to renew. If you don't remember your login information, use the Retrieve your Password option, or contact me ( Via Email)

This is also your chance to change/edit/add to the copy, advertise under additional categories, add states to your ad, and/or add pictures.

Thank you for choosing to renew your ad(s) with Piano World

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