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How To Take Care of Your Piano

The Outside Finish

Piano finishes are famous for their quality, and are equal to or better than those used in fine furniture. If conditions in the home are reasonably good, they will stand up remarkably well. Consult the dealer from whom you purchased your piano for instructions as to the proper care of its particular finish. Behind the beautiful exterior lies the real beauty and principal value of a piano-the sensitive tone and playing mechanism, for it is primarily a musical instrument and only incidentally an article of furniture.

Moth Proofing

Piano felts, like fine clothing, are subject to moth-damage unless properly protected. Factory moth-proofing is excellent, but if you have a bad moth condition in your house, it is advisable to have your tuner-technician check this point when he is called in to service your piano.

Cleaning The Keys

To clean keys, slightly moisten a soft white cloth with water, to which a very slight amount of mild white soap suds has been added. This method can be used on both the black and white keys, but it is best to use different cloths. (The cloth may pick up a little of the color from the black keys).
Remember to dampen the cloth only slightly and rub gently. Dry with a soft cloth.
For even better results, check out "Key Clean" ! The safe, effective way to clean ivory or plastic keys.

Effects of Extreme Heat or Cold

Remember that extreme cold and extreme heat are not good for a piano, particularly if it is subjected to sudden changes of temperature. Excessive changes in humidity can do even more harm than changes in heat and cold.

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