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Is the Piano Dead? hr

This page contains the results of a question we posed in an issue of our newsletter
"In-Tune". We asked our readers if they thought the piano was still popular or if it was being killed off by high-tech toys and changes in attitudes.
From where I stand, it's alive and well and living somewhere in Staten Island, NY. :-)

(Serious) Since I only work on player pianos, and since I only work for the general public (I don't buy or sell player pianos), I can only expound on the condition of my own business. As a line in a song goes: "The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades."

Ok, I'm not rich. No boat, no extended vacations to Japan (oooh.. nuclear meltdown), but Pandy and I get out for Sushi every few weeks. I've still got a fairly substantial backlog. Still make house calls at least three days a week and always have at least three jobs on-going in the shop at all times.

From the desk of "The Crazy Player Man",
John A. Tuttle

Yes! The piano is alive and well. I listen to my 11 year old son play everyday. He has access to Nintendo 64 and an in home computer, but more of his time is spent on the piano than the two electronic components together.
What a JOY!!

My piano, as well as my love for it and for pianos and piano music in general, is alive and seems to be more so as each day passes.

I own a 9'3" Petrof concert grand, not because I have more money than I know what to do with, or because I had some extra space in my 12' x 20' living room and I couldn't find anything else to fill it with, but because of what it adds to my life, and to me as an individual.

I learned to tune pianos because I couldn't afford to pay a technician every time my sensitive ear told me a tuning was necessary, so now I make part of my living doing something I deeply believe in. I have an electronic keyboard for the sake of portability and also private practice, but the acoustical piano is what it's all about for me.
Doug LeGrand

Yes, the piano is alive and well indeed.. I have played the piano (by ear) since the age of 3, and own 2 uprights... a Young Chang Baby Grand, and a Hardman Peck, along with 3 electric pianos... I play in a lovely resturant 4 nights a week, on a "regular" piano... I actually prefer playing a regular piano over an electric one, so yes, to me a piano will always be loved, and popular!
Very sincerely,
Michelle (aka JazziPiano@AOL.Com)

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