“Astana Piano Passion” competition shall consist of the following three stages: preliminary round (recorded performance video), semi-final round (solo performance) and final round (performance accompanied by an orchestra). The competition is open for pianists from any part of the world under 18 years of age.The overall prize fund has been increased to 60 000 USD. Besides, provisions have been made for special awards from the Art Director of the competition Denis Matsuev and the Akimat of Astana. In addition the winners shall have an opportunity to give concerts in Europe. All travel and accommodation expenses of competitors and their attendants shall be covered by the receiving party.

Potential participants should complete an entry form on the web site http://astana-app.kz/ru/ and upload a recorded performance video for the preliminary round from December 18 through March 15 year 2014. The preliminary round shall be conducted by a special committee. As a result of the recorded videos review a maximum of 30 pianists in all age categories - junior (under 10 years of age), teen (11-14 years of age), and senior (15-18 years of age) shall become eligible to compete in the next round. The organizing committee shall notify all candidates if they pass into the semi-final round not later than on the 1st of April year 2014.