We are frequently asked how to post pictures on the forums.

PLEASE NOTE: We Prefer to Host a Copy of Your Pictures on our Servers!
We've found whenever someone links to pictures they have stored on another service they will inevitably become broken links at some point. Your pictures are still yours, you still own them. We just don't want our members/guests getting broken image links, so PLEASE upload a copy to our servers.

One method is a picture uploader we have, but it is a little bit clunky and takes a while if you have multiple pictures.

I've decided it's time to direct people to use the Piano Photo Gallery first
The tools in this forum/gallery were designed specifically for uploading pictures to the forums.

You can easily upload multiple pictures, assign captions, create a "subject/theme", and share the pictures in your posts.

NOTE: The Instructions below are based upon you being in the Piano Photo Gallery.
You may find it easier to open the above link in a new window or tab so you can go back and forth between the instructions and the actual implementation in the gallery, or print out the instructions.
  1. Click - New Image
  2. In the Subject box, give your Picture(s) a Subject/Title
    Description Box is for describing what your pictures are about, where they came from, etc. (optional)
  3. Next to the "Post Options" is a link that says ,"Image Manager" (Total Files: 0) (see red arrow above). This is where the actual magic of uploading your pictures takes place.
    Click the Image Manager link.
  4. You should see a box pop up that looks like the one below.

    In the large text box you can enter a caption for your picture (optional). Then, CLICK "Browse" to navigate to where the picture is on your computer. When you find the file you want, click on it, then click Add File.
    You can keep adding pictures by repeatedly clicking Browse, navigating to the next image, and clicking Add File.
    When you have added all the pictures you want, click Done Adding Files.
  5. The last step is to click the Submit button

You will now have your pictures posted in our Piano Picture Gallery.

Notice that each picture has three links under it, for Thumbnail, Medium, and Full.

Use the "Medium" link to pull the picture into your post(s). You can also direct people to your "gallery" where they can choose to see the bigger picture, so to speak.
This allows you to post a fairly large, high quality picture that people can choose to see if they want, but also provides a small or medium picture which is much better for posting in a thread (so it doesn't blow out the page).

I've also set up a Gallery post with instructions here:

It is where the pictures used in this post come from.

Please NOTE that we can also set up additional galleries with specific themes (like Unusual Pianos, Historic Instruments, etc.)if we decide it's worthwhile.

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