Attention: Piano Dealers, Tuners, Movers, Teachers in Canada, UK, & Australia...

Over the years we've had a number of inquiries from piano dealers (and tuners, teachers, etc.)from outside the U.S. about advertising on Piano World.

Now You Can!

We've been hard at work updating our Ad Management System to support ads from other countries. We started with Canada, UK, and Australia, although technically we should be able to support ads from any country.

Your Ad(s) will appear in our listings under your respective country.

(If you are looking to place ads in the U.S. / States, you will need to pay our regular rates from day one. We already know how to make the U.S. ads work).

Right now we're looking for Piano Dealers, Tuners, Movers, and Teachers from each country listed above to try our system and give us feedback in return for 90 days of free advertising (no strings attached).

If you are interested, please email me subject line: Dealer Ad Test (substitute Tuner/Mover/Teacher whichever applies).

More details about advertising can be found here...

Below I've included some stats for Piano World for an average 12 month period.
I suspect as we increase the ads from other countries our visits from these countries will go up.

Unique Visitors to Piano World Over 12 Months

1 United States 5,186,954
2 United Kingdom 757,738
3 Canada 570,021
4 Australia 332,289
5 Germany 168,241

Thank you for your help.

- Frank B.
Founder / Host
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