Thanks to everyone who has helped me thus far and replied to my topics, especially Charles and Fizikisto. The more I research the more I find what my needs are. It might be best until I can save up a solid 3-4 grand and get something that feels exactly like a grand and will last me till I get a top-end piano in my later years.

It's part of my question. At what price range do digital keyboard actions start to feel completely identical to a grand? I'm assuming not all brands have the same action (obviously) but all grands have a roughly similar fulcrum, which, is what a digital keyboard lacks. What price range is most realistically close to a grand?

If I can get something in the 2-3 grand area, then I'll save up, I think it's worth it. If I have to dish out 5 grand +, I'm probably going to just go with the Kawai ES100 or Casio PX350.