Hi, I have Synthogy Ivory II and I'm not very impressed with the sound. I think it sounds very "harpsichordy", ringy and synthetic. I've tried almost all the presets, and I like none of them. I run it on a Asus X73BY, 4 GB RAM, soundcard not very good, it's a Realtek if I remember correctly. I play trough headphones. I've tried adjusting the settings, but I don't know what they all do and didn't had any success. Could you suggest some settings? Or is it just my computer/it's soundcard? I recorded my own inspiration on Yamaha C7 Studio Grand 5 preset. Didn't change any settings. (I'm not very good because I have only played for 10 months - so please don't judge me :D). I think classical stuff sounds better on Ivory, but still not good.