People talk about the “three Bs”, and there is always S & S, of course, but here, in Europe, give me a Grotrian Steinweg every time. I love the sound, the action and there is just something about the cabinet that I find particularly appealing.

I should introduce myself I suppose. My name is Dan and I am a, well, middle aged accountant. My wife is Elise, yes really, and she detests the sound of that piece. She is a doctor and far cleverer than I could ever be. She doesn't play piano but enjoys good music and encourages me in my hobby.

So now let me introduce my piano. A late 20th century GS, of course. But what you really need to know is the back story to it.

It must be a dozen or more years ago that Elise promised to buy me a dream piano. Now as you might have guessed we don't particularly need to practice economy but I love to conform to certain ethnic stereotypes. Playing piano is one, and not paying full price, unless I have to, is another. So Elise and I were looking at adverts for pianos for sale. It was then that we first came across the GS. The only problem was the price. It was exactly what I wanted, almost new, 9' of sleek black gloss but it was listed at £50. At £50,000 I might have been interested but- well I ask you? It was clearly a mistake.

“I wonder how many stupid calls the guy selling it will have received,” I mused aloud.

“Well,” Elise replied, “Even if it is a misprint, somebody has your piano for sale so why not call?”

And so, I found myself calling the number in the ad. I was soon speaking to a lady, of a certain age, who sounded quite a lot like my wife.
Currently working towards "Twinkle twinkle little star"