I want to be able to use cantabile which I've already got on my computer ,it came with Ivory 2 and I've always used cantabile with Ivory .Is it possible to use Ravenscroft by loading the Uviworkstation into ivorys cantabile.
I have to click on ivory 2 to load up cantabile .I can then add a plug in and load the Uviworkstation ,then load the Ravenscroft piano,but when I play my controller I only hear Ivory 2
Somehow I want to be able to load the Ravenscroft into cantabile without having to click on ivory2 first.
I'm getting crackling issues with using Ravenscroft piano and I have been advised by Vilabs to load the Uviworkstation into a host like cantabile .im using a dedicated ssd on a powerful computer and an external M audio fast track pro sound card.
Kawai VPC1,True keys American,Ivory Grand pianos, Pianoteq 5.0 and Ravenscroft