Hi! My husband and I both know basically nothing about pianos and our 5 year old son is now beginning lessons. We would love to buy him an acoustic piano to learn on. We have finally decided to purchase a yamaha but now my dilemma is should we buy a u1 or a u3? I have heard and read that the u3 sounds better than the u1 but to our untrained ears, we seriously cannot tell the difference between anything. I know many of you will be shaking your heads and rolling your eyes on this, but we chose the yamaha mainly from reputation and resale value alone. Should I buy the u1 and then after a number of years when I have had more experience listening to the piano, trade up for a taller and better one? Or should I get a u3 now? Someone suggested a used u3 but again, being a complete novice, I'm a bit scared trying to navigate the used piano market.
What do you think the smarter move is right now? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!