Hi there,

Before I get into why, let me tell you my situation. I am a student studying jazz piano in New Zealand. I'm in my 3rd year and so far have been using solely my Yamaha CP50. It's been amazing, I love the tones, the feel of the keys, the live sound and its durability. Sadly, I hardly ever use any of the other sounds on the board, I just dont need to and a lot of them dont appeal to me. I use it mainly for acoustic piano and rhodes. I play in a jazz/hiphop/fusion type band and have been using a usb keyboard controller as a synth on top of my cp50. Recently I have been looking into a hardware synth as I would really prefer it and I have found one I like. However, being a poor student I can't really afford it. My plan here is to sell the cp50, because I only use the piano and rhodes, and find another board that has the same level of detail in the tones I like. This is where you come in.

In New Zealand, I can get around $4000 for the cp50. That leaves about $3000 to invest into a new stage piano after buying the synth. What do you guys recommend in terms of great sound in the acoustic piano and rhodes tones? Also I will add that weighted keys is a must, as is great live sound and good EQ customization. Also I do not want a Nord as I just can't stand them. hehe.

So what kind of boards would you guys get in this situation? I have been looking into the Korg SV1 and can get it here quite cheap, would this be a downgrade from the cp50? There is also the Roland RD's and maybe Kawai MP5 to consider? Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated!