Greetings folks!
Been looking at your rather impressive forum over the last few days and had a few questions about using a virtual software program for piano voices. Does anyone know if the piano being used to control the software has any effect on the performance of the software. I know that some of the yamaha keyboards, ie the p80 or p90 stage pianos were decent in their day, great on stage, but would the midi signal be limited compared to, say a more recent p105 or better? ( at this point I haven't played or even seen a p105 ).Does anyone have recommendations or experience with synthogy's ivory II? The weighted graded hammer feel is important to me, as is at least least 2 realistic feeling pedals.
I am a piano technician, and have never been overly happy with any of the canned voices on digitals for more than a few hours of playing, (most of them sound great in the store) but I think that some of the software companies are addressing the problems by using more complex sampling techniques and exploiting the use of sympathetic overtones and duplex scaling. I had a p80 a few years ago, but became very bored of the completely predictable and repetitive tone and timbre. I was fairly happy with the feel of the action. My setup will have to be on the second floor of the house, which is why I'm not going with a traditional piano. My main floor piano is almost never in tune, and my practicing drives my wife crazy. 😳
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