I'm experiencing a moderate case of PJD (Post Jarrett Depression) after soaking in his solo Carnegie Hall concert tonight. He seems to rip the piano open to fully expose its soul. Here is a man who is not afraid to go on stage in front of a full house at CH and make stuff up on the spot for 3 hours). An unusual concert, great, EVERY NOTE perfect and different than anything I'm heard him do before. Lots of kinda simple triad/tonal stuff, all short improvs, Bach-like fugues with more modern harmonies, not a note of jazz, couple of great boogies. Interesting hands-over-hands techniques create a sweeping flow up and down the keyboard, unexpected harmonies, endless layering of controlled sounds to create a rich musical landscape in every improvisation.

Pure heart with incredible complexity of moving parts. He has imagined the piano in a way that puts him in a completely different universe from any other human. He is the greatest pianist who ever lived, period.