I have now a Kawai CA97 smile

After some playing I suspect that need more adaptation time. New SK piano sound seems better overall than previous EX samples, with a great balance and less "screaming". Touch... I hope that I'll get it with some time. It is more responsive, but I might adapt to the new feel.

For now I have found some problems. Some of them are very annoying:

* Last treble notes from Shigeru SK have very high volume. I hear the evident change of volume from D#6 / E-6. It is very difficult getting pp with those notes. EX sample seems more balanced in that respect. The difference is very surprising.

* If you play C-0 + C-1, press damper pedal without releasing notes and then release notes, sound doesn't dissolve naturaly. It is hear for ever, until yo release damper pedal.

* High volume values gives an uncontrolled sound, more evidently than CA95. My volume is now at middle, because higher value sounds "muddy".

* I have a little problem with two keys (click sound when pressed). I'll contact my dealer for a happy and early solution with that smile

And that is all for now. It seems good enough piano, but that is not a surprise, being an owner of Kawai CA95 until last two weeks.

I hope that my fingers greets the new touch in next months.

Kawai CA97