I just bought some JBL Charge II to use as an external speaker for my piano. I have a Yamaha acoustic, with a Silent system.

The only way to hear the music when using the Silent system is through headphones or speakers, which connect with an Aux output port.

I have tried the speakers on the computer and on the tv and they seem ok, but on the piano there is a lot of hissing and for the bass notes there seems to be a sort of "woof" noise echoing the true sound. It is almost like breathing after the notes.

I am going to take the speakers back, because my prime intended use for them was to let me use the Silent feature without headphones- (the digital music doesn't annoy the neighbours but the resonance of the acoustic drives them insane).

Can anyone help me understand why I might be having these problems and if I have chosen the wrong kind of speaker - and what might be a better choice?

When I plug the speakers into the computer or TV it is direct, when I plug into the piano I need to use a jack adapter as the Aux output on the piano is much bigger than the standard computer outlet.
Is it possible that this is part of the problem?

Thanks in advance.
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