Well, my Kawai CA97 arrived this morning. I was all excited, and generally very happy with it, but noticed something almost straight away which has taken the shine off a little.

Can any other owners please check something for me ?

On Standard Grand, play and release middle C with the damper pedal fully depressed. After about a second, does the volume dramatically halve, and then fade from there? Other keys don't seem to do this, and other piano sounds don't seem to do it. Once you know its there, even playing a c major triad, you can hear the bottom note suddenly fade away whilst the other 2 carry on.

I noticed the firmware is V1.02, so I will update that when I get a chance later. I don't see how firmware would effect a single note though, so am a little worried.

J.B.Cramer 1988 upright
Kawai CA97 arriving soon!