Since two months I am an owner of a new Kawai CA67, which felt and sounded really great.
But soon I discovered several keys which made loud clicking noises and finally last week contacted the dealer to get it fixed.
Only two days later a technician took apart the top part of my piano and applied some sort of grease, somewhere where the hammers of the keys hit. To make sure, he applied the grease not only for the keys which made clicky sounds, but for all the keys.
Indeed the clicking sound is gone, but on the next day I got the feeling that the keys offered much more resistance than before, i.e. they were harder to be pressed down.
So I tried to measure the downweight of the keys (by using coins) and discovered, that many keys don't move downwards until I stack more than 64 grams of coins on the front end of them.
For acoustic pianos, the downweight should, as I understand it, range between 50 and 55 grams, but that is with sustain pedal pressed. I don't know any reference values for digital pianos.
Perhaps anyone of you can tell me if my keys are "too heavy" now, or if it is just my feeling?
Thank you!