Hello everybody! First of all sorry in advance for my bad English, I’m not mother language.
I’m searching for particular piano music I like. Unfortunately I’m not music expert (I played the piano as a child and I’m trying to restart) and I’m not able to properly define the piano genre I’m looking for.

Do you ever play the first The Sims? This videogame soundtrack includes some piano solo, very pleasant according to my naïve and inexpert opinion. The composer is called Jerry Martin and from this site it is possible to listen to some of his music. Here a couple of examples:

Back to my request: do you know any composer of similar piano music? In which genere can I allocate the music from the links? Jerry Martin defines them as “New Age style”. Searching for new age piano music I always find good pieces, but it is always too much “calm” music (sorry, maybe it is not the correct terms).
Please piano experts, can you help me? smile