Once I've memorized a song fairly well I will only refer to the chords listed above the measure when playing (like using a Fake book).

But I run into this sort of thing all the time where...

Elton John uses a lot of octaves in left hand. So in "Your Song" the 2nd chord of the verse is listed as an Abmaj7. LH = octave Ab, RH = G, C, Eb, G
And that's accurate.

However for the sake of remembering what to play in each hand I changed this to a Cm/Ab (same notes). This way I know exactly what's being played in RH (Cm) and the LH (Ab octaves). If I don't do this I tend to get confused and start looking for the Ab somewhere in the right hand.

Anyone else do this as a way to memorize the music easier? The slash chord system.

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