Greetings all....
In March, I upgraded from the Kawai ES7 to the CA65 (before 67/97 was released).
I traded up to get the key action and XL sampling set (although I do miss the portability and performance of the ES7 still).
Overall, I am very pleased with the CA65 and mainly use the Concert1, Studio1 and Jazz Grand1 voices but switched to the Mellow1 yesterday only to discover the sound from the second C above middle C has a totally unnatural, non-musical sound emitting from it - more a dull thud than note.....this note sounds fine in all other voicings though.
All other keys and voicings sound normal throughout the piano.....
Does anyone have any idea why a single note in a specific voicing would do this?
Before I call for tech visit, I'd really appreciate any input from this very valuable forum.....!