This might be simmilar to others question but anyway...

I am learning the piano. My level is more of that medium piano player. 

The music I am learning is blues, country, classical. It is not easy learning all of that. I have looked at some video lessons (and even taken piano lessons)  but it's still difficult. When you look at a blues or country lessons you will sometimes learn licks or some chord progressions. They will never tell you how to play real sonIt seem much easier to learn. Today I watched a video lesson on country/honky tonk piano and the man in the video taught some nice solos from certain famous songs. Another video lesson on country piano that I found featured a man teaching licks and part of songs. The same thing can be applied to blues lessons. How do I put all of the things together so that I can play a full song from beginning to the end?

There is a song called Don't rock the jukebox. It sound like a song I could play on piano but since I am no specialist when it comes to playing by ear I have nevet played that cool song. How do I go about learning such songs?

It seem much easier for me to learn Moonlight sonata since you have sheet music and a teacher who will tell you exactly what to do. But on the other hand it seem much easier to learn blues improvisation/composition than classical. That's where classical  music is a bit boring. How do you view this?

It seem like we can use language in two main different ways: either as poetry or as prose. Classical piano is more of tvat poetry thing and blues/country is more of that prose kinda thing. What do you think?