Hi guys - I'm in the market to buy a digital piano, and having tried various makes at the local music shop, I've decided that I'd really like to buy a Roland.

I just want something as close to an actual piano as possible - I don't care about having loads of modes/demos etc. Feel and sound are my priority. I also intend to mainly play wearing headphones, so having great speakers doesn't matter much for me. I don't need something portable - I want the piano to have a good stand and at least a sustain pedal. Budget-wise, absolute maximum I'm willing to spend is around £1000, but preferably less

I wasn't able to try many models, but the one that I really liked was the Roland FP50, which I could buy for ~£940 (but would have to pay another £150 for a good stand and pedal). I thought it sounded great, had a nice feel to it, and unlike the other makes I tried, the action was quiet and not at all clunky. Problem is, it's a bit more expensive than I'd like, and I don't know whether this matters much but it's a stage piano - I'd prefer more of a clavinova type digital piano.

A couple alternative options that I'm considering - but not able to try - are the F130R (~£600) and the RP401R (~£880) which are both clavinova-type (so no extra costs on stand/pedals, and generally better-suited to my needs). I'm really struggling to try and work out where the main differences in quality between these models are - they all use the same superNATURAL piano sound engine as far as I can tell. I've heard that the only difference is that the PR401R has a different cabinet and better speakers, but I don't know if this is true.

Does anyone have any advice on how these models match up to the FP50? Any help would be much appreciated.