I remember Paul Bley with a warm feeling. The first time I heard his trio
in radio program of Willis Conover in the 60s.; and he captivated me already from the first sounds. It was Ornett's "When Will The Blues Leave" ,it was not like the well-known - was burning hot!
In 1994, we met on concert stage in Tel Aviv; he played solo, I - as a member of a trio of Roman Kunsman . Even a short conversation with him during the intermission was a very interesting : f. e. why he chose to play at slightly detuned pianos; or the fact that Keith Jarrett never mentioned his name (at the time) -  about what he spoke with some bitterness . Paul Bley has had a great influence on my playing, and it was only natural that one of my students later became a disciple of P.B .

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