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A lost soul - dedicated to my father

The 27th of March nears for the first time without my father and I don't know what to expect.
My family consists of 34 people, in South Africa. Every year 33/100 000 people are murdered in South Africa. Last year my family was 35 strong, now 34, rootless, and weak as ever.

I have dread hanging over me like thunderclouds waiting to explode. Especially for my mom.
This world is a dark place. I composed the main theme of this improv in a dark place.
2-5 months after my dad died, this theme F-G-Ab arose and took many forms - by inverting itself, different keys, but still that simple F-G-Ab in f minor. You will hear this early-half-way through the improv.

Don't wait for someone else to die, or else a knife, like dread will imbed itself in you or hang over you with that immortal menacing glare.

Love this world as you would in it's ideal state. Only then will change happen, and not by anyone else, but by you. Change prevents murder, but only the good change. Read and be literate and you may actually contribute good to this world - unlike our(South Africa) countries leaders at the moment.
As Barack Obama once said:" Change will not happen if we wait for some better place or some better time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

Pano Pouroullis

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