And my old Vista Lappie.

1) connecting the usb cable to the computer, fine. Have to use an adaptor since the FP50 has only the two midi outputs. But when the audio lead feeding it to the computer headphone socket is connected to the audio in of thepiano, I get this ticking sound whether Pianoteq is running or not. Never happened on my previous Yamaha.

2) Adjusting the speed of the action (fast produces no discerable latency) alters the tonal quality, and indeed displays a softer velocity curve on that setting.

3) The software piano sometimes will produce a rogue note when I least expect it. Now this is whilst running PT 5.3 and above. PT 4.5 doesnt display this last point perhaps cos it utilises less resources.

Maybe I just need a better laptop. . .
"I'm playing all the right notes � but not necessarily in the right order." Eric Morecambe