I'm a self taught amateur pianist based near London, England. I started playing the piano again in February 2015 (I had lessons as a 6 year old for a couple of years. I'm now 34.)

I've been playing every day since and finally plucked up the courage to make a website for my recordings and writing about how the piano helps me to live with OCD. To be honest, I'm feeling a bit dejected and disappointed because I've had very little feedback from my friends since I uploaded it last week. I know they're not fans of classical music but I thought they'd see beyond that to offer encouragement. Alas not and I feel a bit weird and soiled(!) about offering up my efforts to almost total indifference! I wasn't expecting huge acclaim (I'm well aware of my limitations!)...but something! I feel like taking it all down, running for the hills and nailing pieces of virtual wood against the doors and windows!

...but maybe I'm sharing it with the wrong people and so before I hit the red self destruct button on it, I'll post about it here. Whatever happens I'll keep playing but it'd be nice to have the opportunity to share it with others who would genuinely be interested to hear it occasionally. The website is http://www.keyfingers.co.uk and my recording of Mendelssohn's Songs Without Words (Op. 19, No. 4) will be the first thing you hear if you feel the desire to visit. smile

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