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Download This Midi File on Scale Voicings.

The data file is in Midi Format. If you want to see the notes displayed on the piano keys use a program like Midiculus or MidiIllustrator. Your DAW might display them depending on which one you use.

The file contains several different methods of harmonizing a scale. The keys dealt with are; C, F, Bb, Eb, D, G, Db, and Gb. Each scale has the following harmonization technique; 1.Single line, 2.Sixths, 3.Close position, Melody doubled, 4..Drop-2 (2nd voice is dropped an octave), 5.Flat-nine (or diminished a half-step above), 6.Voicings in 4ths., 7.Ascending, 8.Tenths, 9.Diatonic and diminished approach. This lesson ultimately leads to harmonizing melodies in a locked hand approach.

These are the Techniques used by great pianists such as Oscar Peterson, George Shearing, & many more...... Njoy
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