I am 33 and resumed playing piano 2 years ago, with lessons at the local community college last semester and am continuing. We are moving to CA next year, and I really want to major in Music Education. OK... I will have a general studies AS and an AS in Behavioral science, with a total of 11 units in Music. 1 in voice, 5 in piano, 6 in music appreciation.

How do I know if I am ready? Applications are being accepted next month, with audition via video tape in February.

My current repetoire consists of:
Bach 2 part inventions
Joplin Solace
Hayden Allegro in F Major
Chopin Prelude 4 (i believe)
Mozart Rhondo Ala Turka
Mozart 12 variations
Greig Nottorno

Over the summer I have mastered Hanon 1-20

In all honesty, do you think I stand a chance? I am really afraid of Auditioning for the university. I auditioned for an honors recital, and was chosen when i was 17, but that was almost 17 years ago.

I really want to major in Music Education, can play a little clarnet, violin, guitar, and can blow a trumpet (just dont know what else to do with it because i dont own one). I am sure I have what it takes... but I dont know if I am advanced in my playing enough... to have a chance in the program.

Any suggestions for audition pieces? I am not even sure what level I am playing on.... I can site read slowly through some of Joplin's rags, as long as the key isnt too outlandish. I know basic theory, however beyond major and minor keys, and major, minor, and 7th chords, thats pretty much it. I am taking a musicianship class in the spring at the community college.

Any advice or mentorship would be SOOO greatly appreciated!! I was just going to go for liberal studies and teach elementary school, but music is my passion.

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