While the music library at my new school is surprisingly small (they didn't have, for instance, brahms 2nd, or ANY prokofiev concertos...), I found out that they have Ligetis two first books of etudes, and I decided to take a look at some of them. It's always fun to challenge yourself! I decided to start working on Fanfares since it didn't look, um, as impossible as some of the other etudes... Has anyone here tried it? Any interresting observations, or practice suggestions, are welcome...I have noticed that while the first 2-3 pages aren't too difficult, it is still hard to THINK that the first note of every phrase is like the first beat of a bar. And I suppose that the REAL difficulties begin at the bottom of page 3, where the accents aren't "in sync" anymore..

I have a few questions about fingerings, but I'll save them for later since I have to go to bed now...