Should We Make a Piano World Mug??

There seems to be more interest in a Piano World mug than a t-shirt. Must be all those coffee drinkers from the "coffee" thread.

I did a little research last night and it is something we could do. I'd have to place a minimum order for 72 of them. Because of the cost per mug and the set up costs they would have to sell for about $6.95 plus S&H.

I'm thinking of something with our logo in Black on the front and
"It's All About Pianos"
on the back.

Probably a two tone ceramic mug, white with black trim.

So here is the break down...

1 Mug $6.95
S&H 4.95
Total $11.90

2 Mugs $13.90
S&H 4.95
Total $18.85

3 Mugs $20.85
S&H 5.95
Total $26.80

Still interested?
Cast your vote!

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