If you arrived here because of the 08/16/03 issue of In-Tune, Welcome![/b] .

As I mentioned in the newsletter, I believe it's time to replace the letter with these forums.


Because the forums contain more information than I could ever dig up by myself, and it's up-to-the-minute!

Please have a look around, we would love to have you join us here in the Piano World Piano Forums!

Membership is completely FREE, and it only takes a couple of minutes to sign up. Try it, I think you will like it here.

If you do decide to join (and we hope you do), please let us know you were an "In-Tune" subscriber who decided to join the forums.
We would like to know how many of our subscriber friends came on-board.

(ps, my apologies for the formatting of the letter. I picked the wrong time to experiment with an html formatted newsletter)


- Frank B.
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