Piano Party NY?

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Piano Party NY? - 07/31/10 11:11 PM

Anyone up for a good old fashioned piano party at my place in Westchester County, New York? Maybe in a month or so.

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Re: Piano Party NY? - 08/01/10 11:34 PM

You've got my attention!

Getting up to W'chester may be an issue though...
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Re: Piano Party NY? - 08/02/10 12:24 PM

You might try posting a notice on these other social boards that were once part of Piano World's old coffee room. You'll find many of your old piano friends from here.

The Well-Tempered Forum:


The New Coffee Room:

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Re: Piano Party NY? - 08/02/10 02:14 PM


Thanks for the heads-up! Not that long ago, this thread would be several pages long.
It would be nice to see you and Bernard , Jon-nyc, Grotriman, et al.