Bosendorfer 130 CL

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Bosendorfer 130 CL - 06/12/01 03:50 PM

OK... I know you guys are probably sick of me whining about Boseys, but I've been looking (realistically; not a dream like the last post) for a good up-right, and I found out about Bosendorfer's Model 130 CL up-right, and wanted to know if any of you have played one... and, if possible, if you know of any online dealers from whence I could possible get a price, or if you have a rough estimate yourself.

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Re: Bosendorfer 130 CL - 06/12/01 04:44 PM

I don't know what ballpark he plays in, but Larry Fine in his latest (fourth) edition of The Piano Book lists the Bosendorfer 52" upright at $38,000.00
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Re: Bosendorfer 130 CL - 06/12/01 04:47 PM

I actually own one that I bought second-handed 3 years age. It is really a very beautiful piano; when I looked for it, the only 130 and upper that I founded to be equivalent in building and sound quality was the two 130 and 138 "Steingraeber und Sohne" uprights. I also tried the Steinway and Bechstein 130 uprights, but did not find them that beautiful, even if they were very well built.
I am from France, and the list price for a new 130 Bosendorfer is about 20000 USD; for a good second-hand would be between 50% and 70% of this price, depending on the age and the condition of the piano.
If you have the opportunity to test one, do it.
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Re: Bosendorfer 130 CL - 06/13/01 04:42 AM

Even if Larry Fine's list price of $38,000 for the 130CL is a list price, and if you could get this piano for considerably less, you'd still be paying a lot of money for the name, it seems to me, and you'd still have an upright, albeit a very good one. For somewhere in the upper 20s to low 30s (if that's the kind of money you're talking about), think of the wonderful grand you might get that, if well chosen, could run circles around the 130CL.
(Just a thought ...)
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Re: Bosendorfer 130 CL - 06/13/01 08:39 AM

correct me if i'm wrong here... but Bosendorfer's website says the 130 only has 2 pedals... anyway, steingraebers make very nice uprights... very nice tone, not bright like the most of the others and good action... over here it costs about SGD30,000... which is roughly... about 12k US... if you've got the money (I didn't...=[) it's a remarkable piano in my opinion...
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Re: Bosendorfer 130 CL - 06/16/01 01:57 PM

Pianofaerie on the Pianist's corner you said you were 14 years old. Where the hell do you get $30-40,000 when you're 14??!!!!
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Re: Bosendorfer 130 CL - 06/16/01 10:54 PM

that's the problem, i didn't... ended up with a korean-built piano... which isn't bad either...=] and do bear in mind that that's 30k SGD not USD... but a number of my friends about the same age as me (i'm 15, btw...) have pretty expensive pianos too... one of them has that steingraeber 131 i was talking about (~SGD30k), another has a yamaha c2 (~SGD22k), a number of them have Cramer uprights of various sizes that cost anywhere between 12 and 18k... one has a sauter and another has a pleyel (not sure of these prices, but should be rather high too) and of course there a lots of Yamaha uprights around in the range of 8-15k... where do we get the money from? parents of course...=]

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Re: Bosendorfer 130 CL - 06/17/01 06:03 AM

So you're only 15! Nice to know you can summon up those 15 years of experience and tell all the industry professionals here how "remarkable" a Steingraeber is ;\)

Just teasing ;\)
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Re: Bosendorfer 130 CL - 06/18/01 03:21 AM

i did say that was my opinion...=] it doesn't mean that just because i like it it's a remarkable piano for everyone... but when i was out piano-shopping this was the piano i really wanted but it was way off budget... i went back to that dealer about 7 or 8 times just to play his Steingraeber even though i knew i was never going to buy it...=]
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Re: Bosendorfer 130 CL - 06/18/01 01:32 PM

Personally, I think the Steingraeber vertical (the Profi) is a "remarkable" instrument. Even side by side with many other fine verticals, it has a tone quality, a feel to the action, and a way of radiating sound that is recognizably superior even to those who don't have a lot of experience with pianos. At least that has been my experience when comparing pianos. They have a steep price tag, but truly are wonderful instruments.

Magnezium, I think Diarmuid was pulling your leg \:\)

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Re: Bosendorfer 130 CL - 06/18/01 10:56 PM

Originally posted by ryan:
Magnezium, I think Diarmuid was pulling your leg \:\)[/b]

yeah... but i felt like responding anyway...=] his "teasing" did in fact have some truth to it... i'm only 15 and i am definitely nowhere near the "industry professionals" we have around here...=]
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Re: Bosendorfer 130 CL - 06/20/01 09:56 PM


Sorry... I just dream a lot; I DO want to get seriously looking for a good upright, but in no means was I able to get a Bosendorfer, and I was just wondering what a 130 CL would cost and such and who sells them... Sorry if I was misleading.

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Re: Bosendorfer 130 CL - 06/20/01 10:22 PM

This is a bit off topic, but I'd like to compliment both PianoFaerie and Magnezium for the maturity and courage they've shown. It takes a large measure of self esteem to admit to a possible error and attempt to clarify yourself. I admire your willingness to ask questions and state opinions without trying to pretend to be something you're not.

Hold on to your curiosity and your integrity. They're both excellent traits which will serve you well for a life time.

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Re: Bosendorfer 130 CL - 06/20/01 10:49 PM

wow... i'm stunned... thankz Dan...=]
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Re: Bosendorfer 130 CL - 06/21/01 12:33 PM

Ok, ok sorry! I didn't mean it. I was just in a provocative mood and felt like a little teasing. From a Lisztian to a Ravelian. And as Ryan said I really was just kidding ;\)

It's a tribute to both of you that you come across as a LOT older \:\) And you both seem to have extremely good taste and a very subtle ear for pianos.

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Re: Bosendorfer 130 CL - 06/21/01 06:07 PM


Thanks Dan! That's definitely something to be happy about (what you said). I'm happy someone is in respect of a 14-yr-old, rather than taking their dreams and ideas as teenage, naive, unexperienced crap.

Diarmuid: That last thing wasn't directed toward you, I promise! It's just that I've been underestimated because of my age MANY times. I think it's cool with me about what you said about where would I get so much money; I can get into moods like that too; it's human nature. But I don't take what you said badly. \:\)

I think I like this message board and the people here. \:\)

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Re: Bosendorfer 130 CL - 06/21/01 10:13 PM

Originally posted by PianoFaerie:
I think I like this message board and the people here. \:\)[/b]

me too...=]