Carl Mand Piano

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Carl Mand Piano - 02/05/13 01:21 AM

I have a Carl Mand Piano and was wondering if I could get some direction or dating it. I have done some searching to see what I can did up on the one I have with very little luck. If anyone can help me out a bit that would be great!!
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Re: Carl Mand Piano - 02/05/13 02:35 AM

I am sure Carl Mand would enjoy dating Betty Boop!

Carl Mand made pianos in Koblenz, Germany from the 1830s until the Depression, according to the Piano Atlas. If you could find a serial number, it might be possible to pin it down more exactly.
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Re: Carl Mand Piano - 02/05/13 11:52 AM

Do a search for Carl Mand using the search box at the top left. This brand has come up before. I am somewhat familiar with them - they made some great pianos.
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Re: Carl Mand Piano - 02/05/13 08:36 PM

Which depression was that?
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The one that Betty Boop helped lift us out of.
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Re: Carl Mand Piano - 02/24/13 08:03 PM

I would love to have them do that. So I need serial number? Oh something else about the one I have it has a small label/plaque on the inside cover over keys that says: C. MAND Hof-Piano - Forte - Fabrikant Jàrer Majestät der Königin von Preussen COBLENZ I have looked everywhere on this piano and can not find what I think might me a serial number...the only thing I found was behind the wires 827. I have taken pictures and would be glad to send them to you if you will e-mail me at Thank you everyone for helping me.