Cramer Pianos?

Posted by: magnezium

Cramer Pianos? - 05/28/01 10:39 PM

has anyone got any info on this brand? all i know is that it's English... anything else would be really helpful...
Posted by: David Burton

Re: Cramer Pianos? - 05/29/01 12:54 AM

J. B. Cramer & Co. is what used to be Kemble, a fine English piano maker. The English being a bit more pragmatic when it comes to piano making than say the Germans, the Cramers do not necessarily have to have anything in common with the Kembles, but they may. That there is some connection is significant in that Kemble pianos, uprights only, which have some of their parts made by Yamaha, are indeed a wonderful little piano. My friend from California who told me about them and ended up buying one describes them as having a "nice little soul."
Posted by: magnezium

Re: Cramer Pianos? - 05/29/01 04:51 AM

Maybe it's not "what used to be", because I think Cramer is still in production, I just saw a few at a showroom here... anyway they're much too bright for my liking...

Thankz a lot for the info! =]
Posted by: Rostosky

Re: Cramer Pianos? - 03/14/12 05:39 PM

I had a Cramer, fantastic, it has the schwander action in it just like Broadwoods used.
They are by royal appointment to the King of Portugal, House of Braganza. Or were when mine was made, a stunning piano on all accounts, and certainly not "too bright" I dont know about the modern ones that wear the cramer badge but made by kemble for the far east market.