age of kawai

Posted by: adnudcyk

age of kawai - 06/05/08 02:11 AM

could you please tell me the age of a kawai CX21 with serial number 1850820
Posted by: Bear 1

Re: age of kawai - 06/05/08 03:07 AM

Hi adnudcyk,

Approx. 20 years old.
Probably 1988.
1989 = Serial #1856250

To be sure call Kawai; 800 421 2177 and ask for Acoustic Piano Technical Support Department.

Posted by: pianobroker

Re: age of kawai - 06/05/08 03:15 AM

January of 1989,Interesting, Kawai made more pianos from 1989-1990 than any other year in history of Kawai.(100,000 pianos)
Posted by: co

Re: age of kawai - 06/09/08 01:24 AM

Hi Baer

I;ve an offer from the recon/2nd hand piano shop for Kawai KU5D K553596 RM6088 (about USD1740), will appreciate your opinion ? is this made in 1972? Is the price reasonable? Is this should be KU5B by looking at the serial number? Will it better if KU5 (for the same price)?