Wellington Upright Age

Posted by: Thomas Whitman

Wellington Upright Age - 02/10/08 02:14 PM

Hello and thank you for allowing me to post this message. I have an older Wellington with a serial number of 136256. Would anyone know the age of this instrument? Thank you, Thomas
Posted by: Thomas Whitman

Re: Wellington Upright Age - 02/10/08 02:28 PM

Hello: I found the link in here. Thanks.
Posted by: VGrantano

Re: Wellington Upright Age - 02/10/08 04:19 PM

1909-10, Made by The Kimball Co.
Posted by: P I A N O piano

Re: Wellington Upright Age - 11/12/12 12:15 PM

I am looking for a link to learn about my old Wellington, serial number 282591 with no luck. Would love someone to steer me in the right direction, thanks!
Posted by: CoolPianoStuff

Re: Wellington Upright Age - 11/17/12 10:31 PM

According to the Pierce Piano Atlas, a Wellington s/n 282591 was built c. 1928.