Posted by: Dwain Lee

FOR SALE - ONE OWNER - 03/11/02 10:51 PM

Well, we signed the listing agreement tonight to sell the house. I know it's the right thing to do, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I felt a little odd about it.

I've never embedded images before, let's see if I can do it. Here are my three all time favorite pictures of the house, assuming it works:

If anyone would like to see more of it, a virtual tour will be online soon, I'll post a link. Yes, I'm a little proud of it.

Steve, your Mission/A&C grand would look great in this house! ;\)

It's been a nice place. So will the next one. What's around the next corner? Hold on, let's find out...
Posted by: jodi

Re: FOR SALE - ONE OWNER - 03/11/02 10:56 PM

This is the house that you designed to have the feeling of a glorious old barn transformed into living quarters, right? (I hope I got that right, otherwise I've just insulted you terribly :D) I really like it - clean and simple lines. I can't wait to see the virtual tour! Jodi
Posted by: Dwain Lee

Re: FOR SALE - ONE OWNER - 03/11/02 10:59 PM

...and for goodness' sake, the thread title was just a title, nothing more. I'm not actually looking for buyers here, so don't flame me for trying to "sell" something on the forum. I'm just sharing a little bit of life with friends.
Posted by: Dwain Lee

Re: FOR SALE - ONE OWNER - 03/11/02 11:02 PM

Actually Jodi, a teeny old farmhouse that was added onto over the years as the farmer's family grew. You didnt' insult me at all; in fact, if you look at the window of the first picture, you can see a reflection of a glorious old barn across the road from us. \:\)
Posted by: jodi

Re: FOR SALE - ONE OWNER - 03/11/02 11:03 PM

Don't worry, Dwain - I'm glad you posted it - I like to see your "work". Don't suppose you could move it to Bellingham? I am desperate NOT to live in a cookie cutter subdivision, where my house is the mirror image of my neighbors, with a few windows over the garage a slightly different style... \:\) Jodi
Posted by: jodi

Re: FOR SALE - ONE OWNER - 03/11/02 11:05 PM

Oh yes - I see the barn - COOL! \:\) Jodi
Posted by: jgoo

Re: FOR SALE - ONE OWNER - 03/11/02 11:28 PM

Wow. Thats a beautiful house. How much are you asking for it?
Posted by: Dwain Lee

Re: FOR SALE - ONE OWNER - 03/11/02 11:31 PM

Originally posted by jgoo:
Wow. Thats a beautiful house. How much are you asking for it?[/b]

Hmm, maybe we could get Norbert to start a new thread...."What's a FAIR price for Dwain & SWMBO's house?"
Posted by: Steve Miller

Re: FOR SALE - ONE OWNER - 03/12/02 12:05 AM

Very cool house. Very "Architect", and the proportion on the stone facade is perfect.

You ought to move to California. The weather is nice, and if I see one more "Ersatz Mediterranean" California house I think I am going to hurl.
Posted by: Rich Galassini

Re: FOR SALE - ONE OWNER - 03/12/02 08:27 AM

Beautiful house, Dwain.

What would you charge to deliver it to the Philly area?

(Hey, I do this with pianos all the time)
Posted by: iainhp

Re: FOR SALE - ONE OWNER - 03/12/02 03:23 PM

Great looking house with clean lines. It's gotta be hard to part with something so personal. I look forward to the virtual tour. I can't imagine you'll have a hard time finding a buyer.

Is the stone structural or just facing? And where do you hide all of the breather tubes for the drains that usually stick out the roof (trade secret?)?

The bottom picture gives me the impression that it is looking at me. The small window by the electricity meter (?) gives the appearance of a mouth that belongs with the 2 windows.
Posted by: Dwain Lee

Re: FOR SALE - ONE OWNER - 03/12/02 03:54 PM

The stone is veneer. The downspouts are there, you can see them in at least one of those shots. That little window is one of the house's deliberate oddities: it's about 2 feet square, and sits about 6 inches off the floor at the base of the stairway. It was placed there so that the kids, who were 1 and 5 years old when the house was built, had a window of their very own, just their size, to look out of. These days, the younger of the two, who is within days of being 6, still occasionally crouches down to see through it, but it has now mostly become a perch for one of the cats to survey the great outdoors. I'm sure it will confound the next owners. "Now why would anyone put a window there, like that?!" Heh, heh, heh. Our family, and now you, will always know why it's there.
Posted by: Jolly

Re: FOR SALE - ONE OWNER - 03/18/02 02:07 PM

A word of advice:

I once had a very old, very wise contractor tell me, "Son, everyone needs to build three custom homes. By the time they finish the third one, they get it right."

And even though Dwain is a professional, I bet he looked around after the house was built, and said to himself, that I wished I had changed this aspect, or that corner.

This is not neccessarily the loss of a house - this is the beginning of starting to plan the building of the next, better, home.

If the old contractor was right, that's one down, two to go! \:\)