Which is better?

Posted by: Fortepianoization

Which is better? - 06/28/12 09:27 PM

Sorry if this is in the wrong thread area, but I just wanted to know: I'm auditioning for a band, and I have to send in a recording. I'm running out of time to keep recording. Is it better to send in a 'more accurate' version of the piece, or a 'more musical' that also has an 'amazing ending' of the piece?
Posted by: Newman

Re: Which is better? - 07/14/12 08:20 PM

If it's for a band - what have you got that demonstrates how well you play in a band setting, with others?
Posted by: samasap

Re: Which is better? - 09/11/12 08:05 AM

I think it would probably be better to do your own version of the song with a good ending...If you make it sound more original then it will show your improvising skills are strong which is a good skill for playing in a band.

Good Luck!