Dreams of the Fallen - Premier with Jeffrey Biegel Nov. 11

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Dreams of the Fallen - Premier with Jeffrey Biegel Nov. 11 - 10/22/13 04:30 PM

Jeffrey Biegel will be premiering Dreams of the Fallen Nov. 11, 2013
A Musical Response to War, by award-winning young composer Jake Runestad

Dreams of the Fallen http://lpomusic.org/?q=honoring-our-heroes

Solo piano, choir, and orchestra.

Led by new music enthusiast and respected pianist Jeffrey Biegel, a consortium of orchestras is being assembled for an exciting new commission of award-winning young composer Jake Runestad. Combining the musical forces of solo piano, chorus, and orchestra with powerful texts written by Iraq War veteran and award-winning poet Brian Turner, the new work explores a soldier’s emotional response to the experience of war. There are opportunities to become involved in the project as a private donor and a commissioning ensemble. Please contact Jeffrey Biegel (http://jeffreybiegel.com) or Jake Runestad (http://jakerunestad.com) for more information and to participate in this culturally important and historic project.

Duration: 22:00

Premiere: November 11, 2013.

There will be a live web stream so you can tune in!
Available on: http://lpomusic.com

Dreams of the Fallen / Honoring Our Heroes http://lpomusic.org/?q=honoring-our-heroes
Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and the Symphony Chorus of New Orleans. National World War II Museum – New Orleans, LA.

Instrumentation: Timpani +2 Piano Harp Strings

Participating Ensembles:

Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra http://lpomusic.org/ and the Symphony Chorus of New Orleans http://www.symphonychorus.org/(New Orleans, LA)
Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus http://daytonperformingarts.org/(Dayton, OH)
Rockford Symphony Orchestra and Chorus http://www.rockfordsymphony.com/ (Rockford, IL)
Philharmonic of Southern New Jersey http://www.psnj.org/ (Moorestown, NJ)
Virginia Arts Festival http://www.vafest.org/2013/index.php (Norfolk, VA)