Cats and Music

Posted by: Oongawa

Cats and Music - 10/05/12 08:44 AM

Today's chuckle.

I have two cats.

When I sit down to practice, one immediately meows to go outside (and he doesn't give up). the other one comes and sits on the piano.

One has good taste and one doesn't but I don't know which is which.
Posted by: tranquillo

Re: Cats and Music - 10/10/12 11:19 PM

My cat loves to hear concertos on the stereo.

One reason is because they are accompanied by treats scattered around the house as we are leaving for the day.

The stereo is placed on replay and turned to a moderate volume.
Posted by: gsmonks

Re: Cats and Music - 03/22/13 03:10 AM

I have three cats. I win.

Cats and other ann-i-mules can't hear music, contrary to popular opinion. They can hear the sound, but don't have the area in the brain, as humans do, that perceives music as music.

Learnt that in the social psychology of music. Was disappointed to learn it, but learnt it anyway.
Posted by: Immortal Beloved

Re: Cats and Music - 05/19/13 06:05 AM

I'm sure your cats enjoy your playing. =]