Please recommend an MP3

Posted by: ilikemozart

Please recommend an MP3 - 03/02/07 01:06 PM

I am looking to purchase an MP3. Something for downloading a language CD, so it needs to have the capability to back up when I didn't quite hear that sentence and need to hear it again.

Thank you, ILM
Posted by: mahlzeit

Re: Please recommend an MP3 - 03/02/07 03:09 PM

I assume you mean an MP3 *player* instead of an MP3 file? \:\)
Posted by: ilikemozart

Re: Please recommend an MP3 - 03/02/07 05:36 PM

Yes, please recommend an MP3 Player.

Thank you.
Posted by: PianoNoob

Re: Please recommend an MP3 - 06/11/07 12:47 PM

Go to and review mp3 players there.

all of them will fast forward and rewind. There are more things to look at than that though. Too much to discuss without more info from you.
Posted by: Mechanical Doll

Re: Please recommend an MP3 - 06/14/07 06:10 PM

The free world seems to have iPod-itis, but I think the Creative Zen players are great. Amazon currently has the Creative Zen Vision M 30 GB for $199.99 in pink.

If you're looking for something smaller (or cheaper) there is the Creative Zen V Plus 2 GB currently available for about $105.