Mini Player Grand

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Mini Player Grand - 04/18/07 07:54 AM

Grand Pianist by Sega Toys is a mini piano (about 10"x7"x13-1/2" [250mmx178mmx335mm]) with 88keys. It's an expensive toy for adults (around $400USD).

It has a player piano function (mechanical driven) and can store up to 100 tunes in memory. It can also can play music from a connected mp3 player (actually just plays the mp3 through the speaker).

I wonder if it can play the PianoDisc library?

Hey, is that a mini Jansen bench?
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Re: Mini Player Grand - 04/18/07 08:08 AM

oh - i want one sooooooooooooooooo badly

Frank i sent you a PM on a different subject.. forwarded from someone seeking to buy advertising.
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Re: Mini Player Grand - 04/18/07 08:46 AM

You can watch / listen to a Windows Media Player video of the Mini Player Grand here...

Mini Grand Video

The commentary is in Japanese, but you'll get the idea.
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Re: Mini Player Grand - 04/18/07 06:59 PM

Now Barbie has "everything".

Thanks for the video Frank. That was fun!