A Steinway Christmas Album

Posted by: lilylady

A Steinway Christmas Album - 10/01/11 11:46 AM

Just rec'd Jeffrey Biegel's 'A STEINWAY CHRISTMAS ALBUM'
(JB is a member here)

I am delighted and highly recommend it for your holiday listening pleasure.

Jeffrey shares his diverse pianistic interpretations of Christmas Classics along with some new pieces. His well known crisp and clean playing is evident as well as his warm romantic tone. A mixture of classical and classical pop all played with 'JBs' class and style. The Sussex Mummers’ Christmas Carol, Yolka, The Christmas Lullaby, The Grown-Up Christmas List (David Foster) will now become new holiday favorites. They give me chills. This CD will not only be enjoyed by fellow musicians but will be great gifts for friends and family. I only hope I don’t wear mine out before the season even begins!

And I want a piano transcription!!!

From Amazon as a CD and available to download.

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Re: A Steinway Christmas Album - 10/01/11 11:59 AM

Thank you for sharing! smile
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Re: A Steinway Christmas Album - 10/01/11 01:22 PM

Jeffrey is superb!!
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Re: A Steinway Christmas Album - 10/01/11 03:55 PM

You are all so kind--and I hope my new cd will bring everyone great joy!!
Posted by: Keith D Kerman

Re: A Steinway Christmas Album - 10/01/11 04:39 PM

When is your Hanukkah album being released? smile
Posted by: JBiegel

Re: A Steinway Christmas Album - 10/01/11 05:04 PM

Keith--I did compose the "Hanukah Fantasy" for SATB choir and piano (orchestral version with choir orchestrated by Lucas Richman), so Hanukah came before the Steinway Christmas project~~
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Posted by: Keith D Kerman

Re: A Steinway Christmas Album - 10/01/11 05:52 PM

When is your Kwanza album being released? smile

I was just kidding around. I think it is totally cool that you composed that Hanukkah fantasy!
Posted by: JBiegel

Re: A Steinway Christmas Album - 10/02/11 08:38 AM

I will say, it took a good deal of soul-searching and wisdom to mix the styles for this cd. Curiously enough, the 'Silent Night' jazz version and Steve Calderone 'Bring a Torch..." were in piano magazines way back when. I always played them for fun each year, but it was this cd project which brought them out of my home to the cd. "Sleigh Ride" was arranged by my childhood friend, Andrew Gentile, who is not only an accomplished pianist, arranger and composer (yes, he transcribed the Vivaldi 'Mandolin' and 'Lute' concerti for the Vivaldi cd on Naxos), he is also an attorney and father of two boys. I think he topped it all with the Leroy Anderson piece. I first heard Ann Hampton Callaway's "Christmas Lullaby" on Barbra Streisand's 2001 Christmas recording, and fell in love with it and decided my arrangement would have to be on the cd, ditto with David Foster's "Grown Up Christmas List" (which I had the pleasure of playing for David). "The Christmas Song" started as an a cappella SATB piece. I expanded it into a piano arrangement, but if you listen closely, you will hear some of the intimate four part choral writing. "Auld Lang Syne"--well, the first page in simple writing I arranged AFTER the second page was written first--which starts an octave higher than the first page. Why? No clue. After I wrote the 'second' page, I knew it needed a first page--never did backwars composing before!
I hope everyone who plays this cd will have years of holiday enjoyment!
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Re: A Steinway Christmas Album - 10/04/11 11:05 PM

Thank you.... I will purchase on Amazon. I was just thinking about the holidays!! How can we get the CD autographed? Would love to have one autographed by Mr. Biegel.